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Les Bizantines - Junybreeze

"Les Bizantines", c'est une série de portraits de femmes qui nous entourent et incarnent l'énergie qui nous anime.

Hello what's your job?

I am a model and vintage retailer based in Paris :) 

Do you have an instagram?

A twitter?

Nope I like peace of mind.

A facebook page?


A website?

My e-shop :

Other links you want to share? to browse anytime you want to learn more about science and our world with insolite news.

Any news you want to share?

New vintage drops on our e-shop each week ! And we ship worldwide !

What is your link with Bizance ?

Just discovered the brand ! Lovely ! 

What is your favorite piece of the collection ? 

I am a big fan of simple perfect cut t-shirts ! So I took the brow blanc.

Your idea or daily gesture to take care of tomorrow ?

Introduce more and more vintage items to your wardrobe, learn how to mix them with modern clothes. You’ll be unic and gentle to the planet .

Your occupation in these times of confinement ?

We are not confined anymore so I am moving around to find the perfect vintage gems for my clients.


What is your favourite clothes?

I love a perfect cut suit ! 

What's the oldest clothes in your wardrobe?

A YSL vintage suit actually :) 

What's the last item you bought?

New films for my camera now that we can develop ! 

Is there a piece of clothing you dream of?

A vintage lightweight silk underwear bodysuit from laperla.

Your ideal look?

A sexy body suit with highwaist suit pants and mules. We can ad blazer also :) 

What do you wear to work?

501 Jeans and a white t shirt with a blazer and Small heels if I have meeting or a night out after work.

What do you wear to go out?

Same as above haha but with red lipstick.

Do you have a fashion aversion?

Fashion is my aversion haha.

A model/icon that inspires you?

Monica bellucci.

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